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An Incredible Success Story

On July 5th of 2022, at approximately 11:18, Laurens County Communications was notified by ZF Transmissions and the Laurens County Sheriff’s Office of a female struck by a forklift at the plant. Personnel from Laurens County Sheriff’s Office, Laurens County EMS, Laurens County Fire Service, Prisma Health Ambulance Service, MedTrans, and agencies from ZF Transmissions responded to the plant. Providers on scene were able to remove the forklift from over the patient with help from ZF’s staff and quickly provide life-saving interventions to the patient. The patient was found to have two pelvic fractures and a degloving from the knee to the ankle and airlifted to Prisma Health Greenville for further treatment.

Today, Personnel from all the responding agencies and staff from ZF Transmissions were recognized for the quick and life-saving interventions provided to Chris. The life-saving interventions allowed Chris to keep her leg, and she is doing much better. It’s still a long road to full recovery for her, but we want to highlight the organized and quick response by all involved parties, which allowed her to keep her leg. Lt. Apryle James was able to speak with her along with the other responders. We are so happy to see she is doing well and is starting to walk again! This chance to meet and follow up with a patient is rare in emergency services, and this is a story of success we were honored to be a part of.

Without the partnerships and training we do with the other agencies, calls for service like these would not be cohesive and provide the organized response needed in these incidents.

We want to thank ZF Transmissions and Chris for hosting us and providing the opportunity to follow up! Good luck with the rest of your recovery!


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