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Introducing the Recruiting Committee

Laurens County EMS is always looking to improve our agency. We continue every year to see an increase in call volume and increase in staffing needs. After putting our heads together, it was decided to start a recruiting committee.

This committee first met in December with the first official meeting being hosted in January. The committee meets monthly to provide more ideas for the recruiting and retention of prospective and current employees. This committee is made up of field staff and ideas and opportunities are presented to administration for approval.

After Director Kevin Uldrick was promoted in 2022, we have seen a significant decrease in openings with our agency. Uldrick has a passion for improving our county and wants to push to be the elite agency within our state, region, and nation. This recruiting committee will increase the quantity and quality of prospective employees and will also focus on keeping current employees content with their careers.

This committee's first enactment is the "Prospective Employee Ride Time" Program that allows and encourages people that are considering to apply the opportunity to get to know us and our service prior to applying. This is also a good chance for us to get to know you.

We are excited to see new programs and ideas put forth by this committee! This is only one change we are making to better our agency and maintain our mission statement!


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